For Parents

It is important for parents and teachers to model how to be a good citizen. Just like we teach our children good manners for social situations, we need to teach them how to conduct themselves online. While we can't monitor everything our students do in social situations, we can teach them how to handle scenarios by explaining, modeling, and practicing.

Good digital citizenship includes
1. Don't post something online that you would not say to someone in person. 
2. Do not give out personal information. 
3. Respect others' time and space. Don't overshare! 
4. ALL CAPS means shouting. 
5. The internet is forever. Even if you delete a post, it can still remain in cyberspace. 

Managing iPads at Home
One challenge we hear from parents is how to better manage iPads at home. It can be difficult for parents to keep their children safe and sane, especially when technology is necessary for educational success. Here are some tips for managing iPads outside of school hours: 
1. Set times when technology is not used, such as 9pm to 7am. 
2. Homework takes priority over technology (social media, video games, watching tv)
3. No technology in the bedroom--one easy way to do this is to set up a charging area in the kitchen or living room where all devices are plugged in at night. 
4. No technology during meals. 
5. Limit non-academic screen time. 
Remember, your child looks up to you as a model of appropriate use! 

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